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Firemen using water from hose for fire fighting at firefight training of insurance group. Firefighter wearing a fire suit for safety under the danger case. Firefighters training. Firefighters  team.

What is Risk?

A risk is a gamble. It is taken through an action or decision and its outcome is uncertain. Therefore, every risk has a probability of occurrence and a range of possible outcomes (positive and negative).

Risk Management serves to:

  • identify, analyze, and evaluate risks
  • stretch probabilities of occurrence
  • minimize effects

Characteristics of a risk:

  • Taking a risk can have positive and negative effects
  • The extent of damage can be significantly influenced by risk management
  • The probability of occurrence of a risk can be significantly influenced by risk management
  • The realization of a risk has different causes

Risk management always influences these factors in a positive sense and thus ensures the financial success of the company!

Customer Benefits of Risk Management

  • Proactive risk management pays off within one year and saves ongoing costs of vulnerabilities and claims through optimization.
  • Using in-house risk management in the insurance context optimizes your risk budget and safes costs (up to 40-60%).
  • The use of digital support , optimizes employee performance as well as the results of your risk management.
  • More meaningful results help you to use the existing budget in the right place.

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Enterprise Risikomanagement & Insurance RM

With 80+ years of combined experience in risk management for industrial and large commercial enterprises in connection with insurances


IDD-Training Academy

Presenters also speaking at EIPOS certifications and universities

We offer individual risk-related training according to your customer requirements


Data research as a basis for calculations and risk simulations.

Analysis of data from a wide variety of sources such as research, studies, and historical event


rismo®: Software for risk-related purposes

Einfach und übersichtliche Risikodarstellung auf moderner, normenkonformer Basis
RAT: quantitative risk analysis (internal SW tool)

Business Continuity Management

Risk Management and Assessment

Versicherungs- engineering®

Construction and Investment

Claims Management




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