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Slide Seeing, sensing and assessing risks are the basis for our target-oriented risk management. Contact us directly More value
instead of more effort.
Our comprehensive services sustainably save time, money, and nerves.


Enter. Model. Act.
With rismo, the perfect risk overview at the push of a button.

Only those who have a constant up-to-date view of all their risk and loss potentials can take preventive action on time. If you also include objective basic statistical data are several steps ahead. -That takes to much time for you? Too complicated? Too confusing? - Increase the efficiency and informative value of your risk management with digital support, simply at the push of a button: with rismo.

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Numbers don't lie

rismo identifies risks on a broad level, your risk potentials are available at any time, even a comparison with industry-specific and cross-industry data is always possible at the push of a button.

Your advantage: You not only strengthen awareness of your company-specific risks, but also gain a holistic overview of your entire risk portfolio. Initiate measures specifically where they are needed and most effective!

This can rismo:

  • rismo maps your individual risk tree and - according to your needs - lets you read and set necessary measures and actions.
  • rismo makes risk potentials visible through clear presentations in heat maps.
  • rismo does not forget any risk.  You are guaranteed to have all of your risks under control.
  • rismo can preset your own specific risk assessment using a NACE code from the statistics (Add-on rismo stat).
  • rismo supports risk assessment through questionnaires (add-on rismo forms).
  • rismo compares the risk potentials of different locations. This allows you to quickly reduce risk where necessary and provides a basis for allocating premiums internally within the Group.
  • rismo maps trends and time curves of risk conditions. This allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your measures.
  • rismo reports IDD-compliant, which means that the automated reports are a transparent basis for communication within the company and with insurances or brokers.
  • rismo provides a well-founded basis for deeper (quantitative) analyses where these are necessary. This optimizes your effort and saves time.
  • rismo offers individual interfaces and the connection to further systems of your existing IT landscape, for example to common ERP systems. You only have to maintain master data once.
  • rismo is constantly being expanded - become part of the community and let your company-specific needs and wishes flow in!

Your 9 advantages with rismo:

rismo is a self-explanatory Software, which you use intuitively.

Fast and comprehensive our technology supports your risk management.

You know at any time exactly, where your company/location in terms of risk stands.

You get clear uniformly presented results, that are transparent and comprehensible.

You estimate potential hazards through supporting statistics and questionnaires. 

You communicate risks transparently o partners like insurance companies and brokers.

You benefit from our Know-how and our extensive statistical data collection at the push of a button.

You have access to comparable and interbranch objective statistical data.

You save time, money and nerves.

The software solution from risk professionals for risk professionals - for sure easily!

  • rismo revolutionizes your current Risk Management and makes it much easier. 
  • rismo supports your qualitative risk management. An upgrade to include semi-quantitative and quantitative components and calculations (Monte Carlo simulations) is planned for the future.
  • rismo stands for comfortable risk assessment. With the add-on "rismo forms" you can retrieve existing questionnaires. We can also design your own questionnaires for you.
  • with "rismo stat" add-on, you use from our side provided statistical data, to preassign, easily and quickly, probabilities of occurrence and the extent.

RAT - our internal tool for quantitative recording, calculation and presentation of risks

In consulting we also work with the software "RAT" - also a tool from our own hand. It allows us to use Monte Carlo simulations for better handling of unclear data. 

Zusätzlich integriert ist die Nutzung der Statistikdaten, um Eintrittswahrscheinlichkeiten und Ausmaß zu schätzen. Mit RAT stellen wir ein umfangreiches Reporting als Grundlage für weitere Mitigationsmaßnahmen zur Verfügung. Neben Versicherungen schätzen auch Risikomanager großer Unternehmen die hohe Qualität und umfassende Analyse unserer Berichte.

You have any questions or would like to arrange a demo appointment?
We will be happy to advise you and show you personally
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