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Slide Before you spend a lof of time looking for the 'right' insurance product, get an overview of your options. Contact us directly Insuring risk consciously.
The prerequisite for this: transparency

Insurance alone does not secure the future of a company

We do not only make your company fit for the future through a complete risk analysis. We correctly record the assets to be protected, weigh up your own risk, and support cooperation with brokers and insurance companies on a technical level. That is successful business at eye level! Entirely in the sense of healthy businesses.

Economic efficiency instead of an "all risks-insured" mentality

If you want to navigate a company into the "port of profit", you need holistic risk management. risk on mind® GmbH is an independent company that focuses exclusively on your operational needs. In cooperation with brokers and insurance companies, we provide a functioning safety net for your business. This saves you time, money and nerves - already in the medium term.

We record potential hazards meticulously and precisely, analyze and evaluate them using standardized methods, and compare them with statistical data. On this basis, you can manage risks internally in a targeted manner. You also know exactly what the financial consequences of each possible loss event could be and know the probabilities of occurrence and costs of the various mitigation measures. As a result, you remain economically successful and have a transparent negotiating advantage with brokers, insurers, suppliers, partners and lenders.

Risk management cycle

The most important step is to record operational risks transparently. This helps brokers and companies the most:

  • Avoiding the risks:
    If entrepreneurs can eliminate risks, insurance is no longer necessary for them.
  • Minimizing or limiting the risks:
    If companies can minimize or limit risks, reduced insurance makes sense.
  • Transfering the risks:
    Only transparent risks should be transferred. - Why?

    • Unternehmer bezahlen dann auch nur für das, was Sie tatsächlich benötigen. Und: Investieren Sie Geld lieber in Risikominimierungsmaßnahmen als in die Versicherungsprämie. Das rechnet sich langfristig.
    • Brokers find the optimal insurance solution faster and easier.
    • Thanks to targeted risk management, less claims occur. This saves the compyny and the broker time, costs and nerves.
    • Transparent risk can be managed cost-effectively in the right place.
    • In case of a claim, there will be no discussions because the insurer was aware of the risk.
  • Create risk coverage internally
    Regularly deal with capital and liquidity internally in an analysis and action-oriented manner. They are important parameters for risk management in the company.

Why risk management is the most important basis for your insurance:

  • As risk carriers, insurance companies do not have an independent position vis-à-vis the policyholder.
  • An insurance company only assesses insured risk potential. Risk potentials that have not been considered - and may have been overlooked - remain uninsured or unmanaged.
  • Es ist die Grundidee des Risikomanagement, die eingesetzten finanziellen Mitteln optimal einzusetzen. Risiken zu steuern, ist langfristig kosteneffektiver als dafür regelmäßige Versicherungsprämien zu bezahlen. Ein gutes Risikomanagement vermeidet Schäden, bevor sie auftreten. Das spart dem Makler und dem Unternehmen Zeit!
  • Risk management creates a balance between the company and insurance. It ensures relaxed policyholders because they are insured according to their needs, and satisfied insurance companies because a proactive approach prevents problems in the first place.
  • With appropriate - also digitally supported - methods, you always have your risks in view, can act quickly and insure the remaining risks sensibly and cost-effectively in your interest.
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This is what risk management of risk on mind® does for Broker:

We support the teamwork with your customers through:

  • evaluation of risk reports,
  • technical and content-related processing as well as clear summary of all relevant data,
  • quick recorded standardized risk-scoring for each customer,
  • standardized transparent presentation with our analysis software rismo.

You can also count on us for tenders:

  • We review third-party risk reports and prepare them in accordance with our uniform standards.
  • We review the available data and research all relevant risk parameters.
  • We compare the risk assessment with extensive basic statistical data and create a fact-based foundation for risk management.
  • We create desktop analysis for data completion with rismo Forms.
  • We do PML and EML assessments.

Our service for you:

  • We process incomplete and misleading risk information in an understandable way.
  • We review the insurer's risk interpretation and establish strong fact-based counterarguments.
  • We analyze the estimated probable maximum loss (PML) and extent of loss under normal operating, use, and loss prevention and mitigation (EML) conditions. Often this can be done quickly and easily without an on-site inspection using the fire protection plan, Google Maps and photos.
  • We review prior recommendations from reports for impact and provide recommendation alternatives to increase cost effectiveness.
  • We independently assess your clients' risk portfolio - even at multiple locations in the framework of risk on mind® surveys. This guarantees comprehensive, cross-location evaluations and a precise Top-Risk analysis.
  • We organise risk surveys, attend or even execute them - this protects you and your customers from unexpected insurance recommendations.

This is what risk management of risk on mind® does for entrepreneurs:

Thinking forward: "Alternative Risk Transfer" (ART)

risk on mind® is the perfect and independent partner for alternative risk transfers. Together with you, we explore your options for utilizing the broad spectrum between risk transfer and risk financing. For example, transfer insurable risks to the capital markets for coverage provided by nontraditional risk carriers. Risk transfer to specialized legal entities for intra-group self-financing is also known as "ART." In addition to insurers, reinsurers and captive (re)insurance companies, risk carriers (investors) also include banks and corporate investors.

The essentials: If you decide on an ART, you should have the risk management in your own hands and control it.

Here's what an Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) will do for you:

  • Design of the basic insurance cover according to your own interests.
  • Flexibility in risk engineering - you can directly influence.
  • Direct influence on the cost structure.
  • Direct access to the reinsurance market.
  • Premium structure independent from the market.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • An independent partner, who represents your interests, provides optimal analysis and assessment of your risk situation, and works with your broker to design the ideal insurance solution. This brings you long-term cost efficiency.
  • Tailored risk management concept: We optimize your risk so that you are attractive on the insurance market.
  • No overpriced or wrong investments. for control measures. We regulate your investment for the things you really need.
  • No false safety through improper insurance solutions, because these endanger your operation.
  • Ongoing optimization of your risk map, risk management and risk coverage.
  • Digital software solution optimally supports your risk management with overview, transparency, efficiency and reconciliation of basic statistic data.
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Stay autonomous and self-determined through the holistic risk assessment of
risk on mind® and the independent position towards many stakeholders


We bring together your individual data with statistical parameters and standardized procedures for the best possible mapping of your risks.


Our own tool rismo maps your claim potentials, compares, derives measures and makes the profitability of the control visible.


Our consulting and recommendations pay off for every company in the short term - and of course in the long term as well.