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Slide First get an overview of your risk potential before giving any insights to insurers. Contact us directly Insurance is one
possible measure of
risk management.


Risk Transfer / CAPTIVE

Which risks can / do you want to transfer?

Risk transfer is linked to many factors. Market, size, industry, environment, values, and risk play a key role.

Do not leave the assessment of your risks to just anyone!

Objective risk assessment requires independence!

Scope of Coverage 

What is the scope of your coverage?
Are there any gaps in your coverage?

Our experts evaluate your real estate and furnishing assets, BU coverage contributions and all loss prognoses relevant for risk transfer, such as PML, EML, MFL, MPF, P80.

Of course, this always includes the entire insurance portfolio!


What if the insurer wants something different than what you need!

Most of the time, there is a lack of proper understanding of the business process to assess risks. Insurers take very little time to analyze and combine many lines of business while evaluating them.

Control your business in your best interest - guided by the
risk on mind® 


When an insurer changes, a new risk engineer comes in!

Such changes are usually associated with new wishes and recommendations.

Only consistent risk management based on a company's own risk standard can lead to significant cost optimization in the long term.


  • Benefit from years of experience in dealing with industrial insurances.
  • For a target-oriented risk transfer: ist es erforderlich, das Risikopotential aus eigenem  Interesse richtig darzustellen. risk on mind ist auf diese Darstellung spezialisiert und kann mit Versicherern, Behörden, Banken über Ihr Risiko verhandeln … professionell und auf Augenhöhe! 
  • We support brokers and their networks with risk-related presentation.
  • We optimize control measures and save comprehensive costs (40-60% of implemented measures have been resolved without further costs for our clients).
  • We objectively present the risk-technical factors such as PML, EML, P80 etc and calculate them according to specifications.
  • We determine alternatives (deductibles, maximum liability limits, and CAPTIVE variants).
  • We consider the residual risk of transferred risk and evaluate this in your risk budget.